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Miss Hattie's Restaurant & Cathouse Lounge has been one of San Angelo's most beloved restaurant's since 1998. The building that Miss Hattie's Restaurant is in was built during the economic boom of the 1880's and is one of the first permanent structures in San Angelo. The building itself is located in the historic block of East Concho street in downtown San Angelo. Our menu of simple yet elegant dishes ranges from local favories and comfort foods to seafood and steak. In her day, Miss hattie's business was the hospitality business. Today, We hope that you find our hospitaltiy as charming as you would have found Miss Hattie's.

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Cathouse Lounge

The Cathouse lounge is our full bar that serves some of the best cocktails in San Angelo. Many of our wines and cocktails pair wonderfully with our meals to create a memorable dining experience. We also have a wide selection of after dinner drinks and desert wines to relax with after your meal. The Cathouse Lounge is also a great place for happy hour or evening drinks.


Miss Hattie's restaurant provides an intimite dining experience that is great for date night or hosting a dinner event. We have several private rooms that are the perfect size for dinner parties, business meetings, and other events. Please call 325.653.0570 to book your next dinner party at Miss Hattie's Restaurant.


26 East Concho Avenue
San Angelo, Texas 76903

26 East Concho Avenue San Angelo, Texas 76903

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